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Speakap Premium features

Speakap offers a total package, this way you don't have to switch tools when performing your daily tasks. That is why we're continuously developing and adding new features.

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Speakap uses a clear timeline, similar to those on other social networking sites, where you can view and post updates with photos or documents. Your timeline is personal and features posts from the groups you are in and the people you follow. This keeps you up to date on the latest social and organisational developments.

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News items

Through Speakap you will never miss out on anything, as it keeps you constantly updated by sending relevant information at any point that you want via push notifications on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You also have access to all your documents, news items and schedules, so that all of your information can be easily accessed in one place, from any device. And that's just super convenient!

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Private messages

Speakap lets you share knowledge and information on your timeline or in private messages. Communicate one-on-one or with several people at once by sending messages from your computer or smartphone. Communicate in your professional life as you would in your personal life in a secure and private environment.

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Chatbar with status

Want to know which colleagues are online or available? The chatbar quickly enables you to see who is online, idle or offline. You can also see how the user is connected to Speakap, using the browser or a mobile device.

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Personal profiles

Collaboration is directly dependent on socialising with people, and Speakap's extensive profile pages give you instant access to the information on who works where in your organisation and has what designation. You also have the option of filtering your search to find those exact people you want or the specific expertise you need for whatever task you have.

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Speakap connects and brings together branches, departments and employees, and bridges any gaps that they may have between each other, brought about by good communication. By creating different groups, you can always find and pinpoint the information you find relevant. For example, you can create a specific group for your project, department or branch and communicate in an open or closed environment -- whichever you prefer! You have complete freedom, and with our user-friendly interface, you can do all this easily, at the push of a few buttons.

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Spotlight widget

Use the spotlight widget to ensure that important links, websites and documents are easy to find for everyone. This widget is positioned next to the timeline and is visible to all members.

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Recent files widget

This widget is positioned underneath the spotlight widget and ensures everyone can see which files have been added recently. This way everyone is aware of the latest updates.

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Document management

Prevent your employees from sharing company information through Dropbox or Google Docs and save your company documents in a private cloud. Using a user-friendly folder structure your documents are always retrievable and accessible, even on the road.

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External users

External users will experience the same user experience as regular users. However, an external user has limited access to the network. This way, the external user cannot access company sensitive information.

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Custom theming

By customising the theme to fit your brand colours, Speakap gets the look and feel of your business. For example you can customise the colour of the header, buttons and links but also the background of the application.

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Roles and rights

Using Speakap, you can create different roles (for example, a network administrator, department head or communications officer). This way you decide who's able to add news items, delete messages or people from the network or groups, and much more.

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Easily search your organisation's data and knowledge. Even data and conversations about a project several years ago are easy to find with the extended search function. Search by keyword and you'll find the most relevant updates, comments, news and documents.

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Organisation with multiple locations?

Speakap Enterprise offers a comprehensive package that includes the option to customise the structure of your network.

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Speakap Enterprise features

Have complete control over your organisation. Network administrators are able to define business units and departments that reflect the structure of the organisation. An absolute must-have for organisations with multiple business units.

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Organisation page

Instantly see the latest news in your office or department, who your colleagues are, and which departments are available within your business unit.

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Business units

Create business units and departments that reflect the structure of the organisation. This structure allows for a more targeted, relevant and efficient communication flow. Determine who can easily communicate with each other and who can access certain information.

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