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Reach and engage each and every one of your employees.

Including the non-desk ones

Speakap is a private and secure platform that enables you to reach and engage every single one of your employees. No matter if they are located at the office, manufacturing line, on the retail floor, or in any other non-desk position. Speakap is available for web, iOS, and Android. With our mobile apps you stay connected anytime and anywhere: from your head office to the frontline and backline staff.

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Clear timeline

Speakap has a simple-to-understand timeline with continuous updates, similar to those on other social networking sites.

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News items

Proactively pushes relevant, need-to-know information via notifications on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Private messages

Communicate one-on-one or with several people at once by sending private messages.

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Personal profiles

Speakap's extensive profile pages give you instant access to who works where in your organisation.

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Document management

Using a user-friendly folder structure so that your documents are always easily retrievable and accessible.

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By creating different groups, you can sort the information based on its type, and make it available to the people you deem relevant.

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Push notifications

Send and receive push-notifications in the Apps to maximise the speed of replies.

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Post updates

Share interesting text, links, photos, videos, and documents with your colleagues.

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A social platform that integrates seamlessly with Single Sign-On (SSO) systems and LDAP directories.

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Ready to go

Ready to use and keep yourself acquainted with any on-going developments. All you need is an internet connection, and you're good to go!

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Ultimate extensibility

Allows full integration with third-party software through our open API. You can easily add process-based functionality on one platform.

White Labelling & Re-branding

Our white-label service will allow you to use Speakap with your employees without them ever detecting any hint of Speakap itself. Through this same service, we will make sure that the social platform and native Apps are customised to best suit you, e.g. the latter will be rebranded to seem as if it is your own brand. Moreover, these apps and social platforms will be made available on the iOS and Android app stores with your own chosen brand name and description. Some of the features of Speakap are as follows:

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  • Your brand name
  • App icon
  • Feature screen
  • Home screen
  • Brand colours
  • Splash screen
  • Push notifications
  • Appstore screens
Branded appscreens
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Reach every employee

Communicate news and/or updates to everyone, or specific groups.

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Engage your employees

Spread success stories to engage, and inspire your employees. You can even celebrate your own achievements!

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Improve retention

Having engaged employees will lower your employee turnover rate.

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Pathé theatres connects all its employees

Calculate your ROI now

What's in it for you?

Calculate your company's potential Return on Investment now with Speakap's social software.

Employee engagement

Research links higher employee engagement with higher productivity, lower employee turnover, and fewer sick days. Properly informing non-desk employees can have a tremendous impact on creating better customer experiences, which can in turn exponentially increase revenue generated.

Cost saving

Cost savings, such as fewer sick days, faster on-boarding and lower employee turnover rates can save the company valuable time and therefore money.

Higher productivity

Save valuable time, human resources, and money by giving your non-desk employees information directly without supervisors or middle management. Connect with all your employees and improve productivity through effective communication.

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A social network enhances

The benefits of Speakap

  • Employee recognition
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee productivity
  • Targeted messaging
  • Employee interaction
  • Employee feedback
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Access to resources
  • Strategic alignment
  • Employee retention
  • Company culture
  • Faster onboarding

Fit for organisations of all sizes

Serving customers with over 100.000 employees

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Why do clients choose us?

In case you need more reasons to join as a happy customer

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Predictable annual investment

You don't have to break the bank to get a good social platform for your organisation.

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Tailored to your brand

Your social platform and apps are completely customised with your company's brand.

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Ongoing development

Through regular maintenance and new features your platform only gets better. It's all up to us!

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Proven implementation

We ensure a 100% success rate through our method of implementation.

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