Elevate the customer experience

For bricks-and-clicks retailers it's a tough challenge to create an optimal customer experience. While e-commerce companies solely serve their customers remotely, with appealing websites, chatbots, newsletters and maybe a call center, brick-and-clicks retailers have employees that are continuously facing consumers in their stores.

These consumers have become more critical, due to all the competitors, products and information that can be found through social media and search engines. So, frontline retail employees can't afford to be ill-informed. Their knowledgeability and customer service are decisive for the future of today's retailers.

Yet, McKinsey research shows that frontline employees do not get enough support from their managers and co-workers to thrive in offering great customer experiences. Of the efforts store managers put into leading their frontline staff, they spend as little as 10 minutes per day in coaching their employees. Other staff members are usually too busy with serving the customers, the presentation of the shop floor or the preparation and replenishment of stock.

Consequently, performances of frontline employees do not improve, while at the same time the lack of managerial and co-worker attention is limiting their commitment and engagement. This is harming the employee turnover, which is already a major problem within the retail industry.

A social platform enables frontline supervisors and employees to coach each other and share ideas, feelings, customer feedback and new company procedures, standards and so on. The key is a transformation to a frontline management and staff that has the time and the resources to give attention to the unique situation of their particular locations.

Speakap creates a positive shopping experience for your customers with well informed and coordinated staff. It improves the communications between store associates and managers to create real-time information flows and turn employees into brand advocates. Speakap also extends the benefits of real-time communications into your warehouse and distribution centers creating an efficient operation that delivers the highest level of customer satisfaction.

  • Reach every employee
    Broadcast official company news and important announcements directly to all employees, or specific departments.
  • Boost engagement
    Celebrate achievements and awards with your employees, whether it's new products introduced, new hires or company growth
  • Improve communication between store and head-office
    Improve communications between store associates and the head office to create real-time flow of communication and turn shoppers into loyal brand advocates.
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