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Organizational structure

Not a single organization is the same. Every company has different departments, workgroups and often locations. With Speakap you have the opportunity to structure your network the way you want. So you decide who can easily communicate with each other and have access to certain information.

Show communication within:

Depending on the network settings, everyone in the organization is able to communicate with each other. Even if they are not in the same location.

Members of a location can also communicate with each other without the members outside the location to see this.

Co-workers member of a particular department which is located within a store or location, can also communicate seperated from the rest of the network.

Members connected to a workgroup can collaborate seperated from the rest of the network. If needed, co-workers from within the entire organization can join the group. Even if the employee is a member from a different location or department.

Members have the ability to communicate with each other, whether they are members of the same location or not.

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Speakap works the way you want

Have complete control over your organization. Network administrators are able to define business units and departments that reflect the structure of the organization. An absolute must have for organizations with multiple business units.

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